Prof Robert Peckham


Chairman of the Committee

Prof Daniel K L Chua


Executive Committee

Dr Philip Beh

Prof Roberto Bruzzone

Dr Julie Chen

Prof Daniel K L Chua

Prof Gray Kochhar-Lindgren

Dr Robert Peckham

Dr David Pomfret

Dr Janice Tsang


Visiting Research Professors

Prof Srikant Sarangi (Danish Institute of Humanities and Medicine/Health)


Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr Ria Sinha


Honorary Professors/ Lecturers

Prof Didier Fassin (IAS)

Prof Rosanna Peeling (LSHTM)


Advisors to the Centre

Prof Gabriel Leung (The University of Hong Kong)

Prof Paul Tam (The University of Hong Kong)

Prof Priscilla Wald (Duke University)



Mr Georges Papavasiliou (2014-)

Ms Alice H. Y. Yau (2013-2015)

Ms Gigi K.Y. Au Yeung (2013-)