Body-mind-spirit integrative training in medical school for stress management and prevention against junior physicians' burnout

Medical doctors help their patients by curing the disease and caring for their suffering. However we seldom ask who can take care of this group of helping professionals. Indeed medical training and practice are already challenging and the transition from medical student to intern can exert additional stress on the professional life and the personal well being of young doctors.

Based on the concept of "healing the healer", the impact of an integrative body-mind-spirit program is explored in this proposal. In this program, students will be encouraged to learn how to take care of their own physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Through an awareness of their own holistic needs, they are expected to nurture a more empathetic outlook and consideration for themselves as well as for their future patients and fellow team members. 

Principal investigators:
Miss Venus Wong (Centre on Behavioral Health)
Dr Julie Chen (Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education and Family Medicine Unit)

Key members:
Dr Rainbow Ho (Centre on Behavioral Health)
Professor Li Chong Chan (Department of Pathology)