Exploration of suffering and wellbeing through visual narratives of illness

The study of humanities in medicine has enabled students to recognize the need to more fully understand what is meant about the human condition, the nature of suffering and the social and cultural context in which the doctor and the patient engage together in seeking the meaning of Illness.  Film has been one means through which this theme has been explored in terms of "promoting the affective focus of medicine on the relief of suffering" and to reflect on the meaning of illness. Typically, reflective learning has been documented in the written form, but there has been some exploration of alternate forms of communication such as creative arts and photography to broaden the scope of expression and to encourage individuality.

This project will include a series of guided film viewings focused on the theme illness, suffering and wellbeing, with brief revisits of this theme in the MBBS III Junior Clerkship Block C curriculum (Family Medicine and Clinical Oncology) to trigger discussion and reflection on these concepts.  The project will culminate in a symposium on illness, suffering and wellbeing featuring an exhibition of student photographs, submitted as part of the reflection on learning for the Block.

Principal Investigators:
Dr Julie Chen (Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education and Family Medicine Unit)
Professor Li Chong Chan (Department of Pathology)

Key members of project:
Dr Lap Ki Chan (Institute of Medical and Health Sciences Education and Department of Anatomy)
Dr Janice Tsang (Department of Clinical Oncology)
Professor Cindy Lam (Family Medicine Unit)
Professor Richard Fielding (Department of Community Medicine)
Dr SE Chua (Department of Psychiatry)
Dr Pamela Leung (Department of Social Work and Social Administration)